In the mass of great deal of Web sites with photographs of people who also call themselves artists and are boasting with the idea that they have mastered the art of editing images with various images editing software, my images In contrast are not technically astounding. At least these images that you are looking at now but I’m learning with each Picture. I don’t have the screen calibrated so in the same for many these images may be received as doodles. The one who says that he knows everything is boastful. I say like Socrates that I know that I know nothing or I know too little which show my modesty. What is the most important are the ideas which I believe don’t lack. I’m passionate about photography what is the most important, because it propels good ideas and removes any boundaries. Lots of these images are scans not even the scans of negatives and in the same their technical quality leaves a lot to wish for. A lot of these pictures were taken at times when there was not any talk abort editing images in Photoshop. The only editions that were the ones that one could make in darkroom. The photographer I’m now I achieved by eliminating these features that state what photographer I’m not. It is impossible to put me in any frame because for me there are no boundaries.                            SEBASTIAN PIOTR SZYMALAK, b.1976.A photographer, stylist, hairdresser, make-up artist, producer and most of all photographers. A real man of Renaissance. Charismatic artist-creator. Exact at work. Firstly form himself and from others. He has got an American style of working which the idea and discipline counts the most. Efficiently and exactly is at the photo sessions at Sebastian’s place. No one sits
until midnight. Unless it is all-day-long session, and such one was planned. Mostly the pictures are taken at Sebastian’s and model’s spare time. These are non-commercial photo sessions. During that sessions Sebastian shows his human attitude towards models, for what he is very liked by models.
Yet, paradoxically he is a perfectionist. When he is waiting for the right one shot, he can shout at the models. Sometimes the models say that he deprives them of personality, but the outcome is astounding. It is just THIS one look, in which he saw the mirror of the model’s soul. It is just THIS one the pose he meant. When something is going wrong he can postpone the shot, or even the whole session.
Sebastian’s adventure with photography started under the supervision of Mr. Denis Lozinsky. Firstly it was black and white photography. During the first visits in the dark room he got to know the mysteries of photography. Sebastian is a self-taught of styling and make-up. However the finishing touch to Sebastian’s art of make-up was given by Serge Osmansky the then major make-up artist of Margaret Astor, nowadays working for Sephora and Christian Dior Poland. It was Osmansky who showed to Sebastian how to handle the make-up devices. Successfully, as one can see at Sebastian’s works.
In 1997 there was first exhibition of Sebastian’s works taking place in Lodz in Gallery Saloon at 137 Piotrkowska Street, the main street of Lodz. This exhibition was titled:’ Women-men live for them’. By his work at this exhibition Sebastian revealed himself as the ‘wizard of the beauty’ conjuring up from regular girls the queens of the beauty. Beauties of the focus. This exhibition enabled him to take up an apprenticeship with one of the best polish female
photographers Lydia Popiel. Her precious remarks helped in shaping of talent and orientating the way of work the young artist.
The next exhibition was opened by Sebastian in 1998 in Teacher’s Training College in Sieradz, it the way Sebastian’s home town. This exhibition documented two-month visit in UK in St.Andrew’s, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Highland Highs and Lochs.
Next we have year 2000. The Millennium break had a great influence on Sebastian. That year an exhibition titled ‘Male Nude’ took place in Gallery theatre in Sieradz. The leading motive of this exhibition was the celebration of beauty, harmony of the shape of male body. The exhibition was successful in the hometown of the author, because a lot of words of appreciation were sent to Sebastian for the idea art as male need is. This theme is thought by many as controversial and shocking.
The year 2001 brought the exhibition ‘Duo – Duel – Bi – Be’ in Łódź. The works were exhibited in a very difficult technique of cross processing. The slide film is developed in regular process for C-41 films. Thanks to this author obtained psychedelic colours similar to those like in the 70’s for his dreamy visions. The author treated human bodies as the shapes. Sculptures made of people. Each picture, though from one series covers other topic. ’Duo’ it means
from Latin ‘two’ the relationship between man and woman, emotions and feelings that mostly direct their lives. ‘Duel’ is for two bodies that fight with each other. The next sub topic of this exhibition is ‘Bi’ which in Latin means bi- but in authors meaning bi means bisexual. According to this bisexuality gives free choice in choosing the partner. It doesn’t impose upon anybody a frame in the choice of partner. For author bisexual means also for two times homosexual. This exhibition and the pictures from the series bi are the loud cry against homophobe. It’s an expression of author’s acceptance for homosexual relationships. These pictures that show the lack of restrictions of the mind. The fourth part of the exhibition is titled be; which in author’s mind is human being. Being good, being bad, but being.
The spirit of art always pushed Sebastian in different directions, meeting different people and challenges. Sebastian cooperated with lots of celebrities from fashion world, namely:
Anna Mirska  polish top model and businesswoman,
Bartek Czernecki  freelance model, the face of Cornette and Rocco Barocco,
Joanna Drozdowska  Miss Polonia 2001,
Konrad Jałowiec  the most popular face of the advertisement industry of the 90’s,
Michał Kruk mister of Poland 1999.
Rafał Pacholak model of TV advertisement of Toyota Yaris
Robert Cieślik a face of Sobieski, Wolford for Poland
The world of great sport fascinated Sebastian for a long time. In the gallery of person whose Sebastian took pictures of one can encounter:
Anna Pacholak  world’s well known athlete from Sieradz,
Dariusz Trafas javelin throw competitor,
Kinga Baran Olympic Games volleyball player,
Marek Plawgo  famous fast track runner.
The celebrities form the world of fashion eagerly posed for Sebastian. Among these we have:
Andrzej Bizoń  model of Mango Models or the star of reality show like ‘Two Worlds’, ‘Shot Down’ or ‘Sextet’,
Anna Piankowska CKM’s magazine playmate,
Kate Pillar  CKM’s magazine playmate,
Dominica Pietrzak  model of one of the Warsaw’s model agencies and the star of reality show ‘Amazonki”,
Isabella Lukomaska triple Playboy’s of polish edition, and American Playboy’s playmate,
Sylvia Kołodziejczyk  2001 miss of ‘summer with Polish radio”,
Tom Morales  multi champion of Latino American dances winner.
The world of fashion asked Sebastian for many times for the photo sessions for them. Sebastian cooperated with Gatta Hosiery Company, Maria Ircha fashion designer, or the fashion house Sunset Suit. Sebastian still cooperates with one of the Warsaw’s model agency United4Models. www.unitedformodels.com
the summertime of the year 2003 brought the cooperation with the competitors of the TV programme broadcast on TVN titled ‘Sextet’. Sebastian was these guys court photographer. This gave him the privilege of exclusive rights to take pictures in the first stadium of the development of the dancing group. Sebastian keeps in touch with some of these guys until today, what may be fruitful in more photo sessions in the future.
In 2004 in Empik’s Gallery in Łódź in the great mall of Galeria Łódzka in Łódź another exhibition took place. The central theme was ‘Sex in advertising’ and the full title was ‘Pure ideology, aesthetics, and ethics, erotic in advertising’. This exhibition was desacralization of the art. Moving industrialized art. To the potential customer, simultaneously being an audience of the art. The exhibition presented pictures from the area of advertising photography, being also visualization of the porn – chic stream in fashion advertising industry. Although the photographers overstepped every borders of taboo, Sebastian created the greatest works for this exhibition while and the end of lasting this photography stream. These works weren’t bought by much of the consumer since the works were too pornographic in Poland. though being in mall the images are exposed and treated as pieces of art and the subtitles that are on are only the suggestions what sort of product was the picture taken for to advertise. These images are according to author a visualisation of human fantasies. Everyone has some fantasies. Mostly these fantasies are dirty ones only everyone hides behind mendacity. These images were made in printing method on different printing materials. But there is one thing that connects them, it is industrialism. So using printing technique used for billboards for presenting out pieces has its justification in connection of art masterpiece and modern industrialism. The reason why these works exhibited in Empik store was the aim of desacralisation of widely considered art by the author. These art pieces were purposefully exposed in the mall where the balance of viewers is much higher than in any other art gallery. Potential customer of the mall becomes the visitor. The www.sebastianszymalak.com site is the view of all published and unseen so far works of Sebastian Szymalak made by the whole time of hitherto art works.